Scag Mowers

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Scag Mowers

Cameras I use:

My Main Tripod for daily filming:

oil filters I use:

Heat Transfer vinyl:

Decal Vinyl:

Vinyl Cutter, Program, Heat press Combo Pack:

Countryside Lawn Merchandise:

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Equipment I use for filming:
GoPro Hero with LCD
GoPro Sessions
Custom made mounts

Lawn Equipment I use:
Scag Tiger Cat
Great Dane Super Surfer 2
Exmark Vantage Stander
Walker MTGHS
Walker B19
Toro Timemaster 30
Ferris Walkbehind 48″ & 61″

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16 thoughts on “Scag Mowers

  1. I started with a 2010 belt drive walkbehind now have a 2016 tiger cat II now want another walkbehind in a 52in or a turf tiger

  2. Turf tiger 61 with Kawasaki big block was one of my favorite mowers but for the mowing I do now it is way to big and heavy.

  3. Good vid. Now that I'm done with leaf cleanups, it's time to watch someone else work aha.
    Liking the wistful tone about the scags, like they were more than just mowers… they were bros

  4. I’m a big Scag fan but I’m old school and prefer walk behinds with a 2 wheel sulky. Mainly cut small to medium size yards in older neighborhoods.

  5. Hey Randy! I would love to see you put out a video on different mower deck types. For example, go over the differences in baffle setups vs open setups etc.

  6. In about 3 months you will be watching this and wanting so bad for cutting season to come again…. Right now you can take grass cutting up your butt…. I'm ready for a break.

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