Should I quit my job and start a video production business?

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Should I quit my job and start a video production company… Alright, let’s do this. I get asked this one a lot, so here’s my two cents.

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9 thoughts on “Should I quit my job and start a video production business?

  1. Quit in February of this year. Felt that pull. For anyone reading this – listen to that feeling because theres nothing more rewarding then creating freedom for yourself and adding values to those around you through your passion.

    Keep killing it everyone! & shout out to you Marcus for dropping knowledge.

  2. This is the REALEST video on the whole of fricken youtube man straaaight up brother!! Thank you sooo much for this!

  3. After 7 years of running a photography and also video production business it took me 5 years of working at a job and on my business. Until one day I had enough regular clients to quit my job. After running my business for 2 years full time I would never go back 🙂
    The hours are long, upto 18 of them a day but it’s worth it! Now I can turn over up to $5000 a week whereas with a job your stuck with your wage packet! It’s not for everyone but if you have the determination to succeed you eventually will 🙂

  4. This was a very honest look at having the fortitude and the drive to let go; it's not something that's often discussed. Thanks for providing this unique perspective.

  5. On the client money, after your outgoings, do you still clear something similar. Not being an arse by the way. Do you pay a colourist for example a second shooter and so on. Appreciate your uploads mate. This question was for your newest upload that has been taken down.
    Out here, all we have is ideas and dreams.

  6. Fantastic video, this is a position that I want to be in in the future but not just yet. You've earn't a new sub, look forward to watching the rest!

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