Solaris interview questions and answers, Solaris interview FAQ – Explain the types of installations in Solaris, How to add the our own run control script in server, What are the RAID levels in Solaris?, What are NFS daemons?..

You can add the managed host to the domain through Solaris JumpStart installation without any user interaction. You can use the script to create a script that adds the host to the Management Server domain.

Server The 1-Touch Server must be a dedicated Solaris machine running the JumpStart server environment. For 1-Touch Server, use any Solaris system that is configured as a JumpStart server and has the required networking.

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This topic describes how to set up an Oracle Solaris environment for use in BMC Server Automation provisioning. With Solaris, you have two options: JumpStart.

[May 20, 2010] Solaris x86 jumpstart on ISC DHCP February 18th, 2008 | A look into Solaris, by Derek Crudgington If you are using the Solaris dhcp server, stop now. Save yourself hours of time of trying to figure out pntadm, dhtadm, and.

Hardening Solaris with Jass. By Seán Boran This article presents a concise step-by-step approach to securely installing Solaris for use in a firewall DMZ or other sensitive environment, using Sun’s Jass tool (and with Solaris 8 the Sunscreen EFS.

People most often associate patches with delivering bug fixes only, and while this might have been true in early Solaris releases, this has progressively ceased to be the case. With the advent of the Solaris 10 Operating System, patches are used for the following purposes: Deliver bug fixes. Deliver.

Dec 29, 2012  · Pre-installation Checklist The install server or boot server is in the same local network segment as client with network link up. NFS services are running On jumpstart server.

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Jan 01, 2015  · Solaris Jumpstart Cheat Sheet. This post is a quick revision sheet, please refer to the sun documation regarding on how to install, configure and implement Solaris Jumpstart

Solaris Jumpstart – howto guide Setup and configuration of jumpstart server & clients. Jumpstart offers a way to install Solaris using network over multiple server with similar of different configurations.

If you have a jumpstart server, you can use that to do a network boot on the host you want to erase, and then use one of the methods above to do the actual erasure.

After digesting most of the Sun documentation regarding creating the install, boot, and file servers (Solaris 9 Installation Guide), I will now continue to explain step by step how to easily create a new jumpstart server that is both a boot and image server.

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A HowTo article to add or edit the Default Gateway or Default Router in Sun Solaris Operating System. Default Gateway or Router is the ip address to which all traffic to destinations that do not have a route will be forwarded.

View and Download Sun Oracle Sun Blade T6340 installation and administration manual online. Server module. Sun Blade T6340 Server pdf manual download.

Feb 05, 2010  · Besides the fact that I really dislike Solaris, I saw many advantages to trying to make a Linux jumpstart server. Primarly was the fact that I could programatically make a Linux jumsptart server by making a Live CD (maybe more on this in another blog post).

1) The JumpStart client downloads a minimal kernel(miniroot) from the JumpStart server, into the JumpStart client’s memory. This comes by way of a TFTP request, issued by the Jumpstart client. 2) When the JumpStart server receives the TFTP request, it searches for a matching IP address and architecture, in the “/tftpboot” directory. 3) Once the.

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