Sony A7Sii Complete Gear Kit for Wedding Filmmakers

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20 thoughts on “Sony A7Sii Complete Gear Kit for Wedding Filmmakers

  1. >"I'd rather stick to what I know"
    >checks gear list
    >GH5s with native lenses

    haha, man you make it so tempting to not go to Sony.

  2. Hey guys, i have the a6500 and i am going to shoot my first wedding in a few month. I'm thinking of buying an external monitor (AndyCine4k), which i can mount on my crane+, because a6500 screen really struggles in sunny daylight. In addition it can charge the camera, and reduce heat problems. Do u guys have any experience with this combo? I am just wondering why kraig is not using one for his outside shots…

  3. The go to guy for wedding videography. I always end back at your videos whatever I’m searching for. So clear, quick and informative. Very grateful dude !

  4. I am a professional videographer – been shooting docs for many years. I love your stuff, it's great to watch somebody else do the work! I never do weddings, But now I'm thinking it might be fun to try one. Thanks for making your knowledge so available.

  5. Once you purchase the songs from music bed are you free to use that song as many times as you want on multiple videos? And is Artlist a 200 dollar fee per year and then songs you've I guess downloaded are no longer able to be use once the year is up? Never heard of artlist thanks for the recommend.

  6. Hi bro thanks for ur zhiyun review
    I bought one
    Buy can i ask somethting
    Ur z axis seems smooth and not shaking up and down when u are walking
    What else should i concern
    Im used to deal with glidecam
    But walking shot on zhiyun crane still abit shake up and down to me
    Any suggestions?

  7. hello Kraig. I follow you for one year more or less.

    I´m wedding filmmaker and now I´m just deciding to make some changes with my tripod head.

    I have a MVH502AH with 504PLONG plate and i don´t know if to maintain this system with a 701hdv for monopod or to change to a 200pl quick release.

    Why you prefer last one compared with long plates?? thank you!!

  8. Hi Kraig, love your videos – thank you! Two totally separate questions. 1) I work on a c100, one main reason is that it shoots to two cards. I've had a memory card crash before. What is your failsafe for this working with the Sony a7sii? 2) Do you think the Sirui monopod would be stable in the locked position to hold a c100 (with Canon 24-105mm lens)?

  9. Is it risky using copyrighted music in your wedding videos? What if the parents of the bride/groom request original music by popular artists?

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