Starter Gear Kit for Wedding Filmmakers

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46 thoughts on “Starter Gear Kit for Wedding Filmmakers

  1. may i ask… i only have a nikon d5100… i dont have money to buy others…does it still good to go on filming the wedding?

  2. Hi dude, i was just watching video games here in youtube and one of your videos were recommended. already planning to pursue my passion in photography and cinematography but don't know where to start. and thank god, he gave me you. life saver! hope all the best for you in the future. godbless

  3. hi, just watch your q and a and I don't know if I heard you right , but did you say the Sony lenses 50mm (1.8) was no good now?

  4. I found a good deal for a tripod+head MVH502AH and I also bought the MVH500 head off Amazon. The quick release plates don't match. What should I do? Return one of the heads and run with same heads so my plates match?

  5. As of today's date, the Sony a6300 has massive overheating issues. I would NOT trust it for ceremonies. Plus the 1080 is soft, so you must shoot 4k and downscale to 1080 for the best possible footage; which overheats even faster than shoot 1080 and the file size is larger, so you will be blowing through cards on a long wedding day.

    I wouldn't recommend it as a solo camera for a beginner wedding videographer. It's just too much of a hassle to work with efficiently (-at the moment; hopefully they will release a firmware update soon).

    I personally use an a6300 as a B/C cam and don't think I would ever want to use it as an A-cam or by itself. Not for a wedding anyway.

    I also would NOT advise getting only one large card, incase of data loss or card corruption. At least with 2 64GB cards, if one fails, gets lost or stolen, you don't lose all of your footage.

  6. Thanks man this is super helpful, but can you edit off the Lacie 7200 RPM harddrive with 4k footage though? Is it fast enough??

  7. Hey Kraig! I'm really interested in that Sony A6300… Have you used it before? I looked up some reviews and saw it had pretty terrible rolling shutter so I'd like to hear what you think. Will you be doing a review? Btw I loved your SDE vid 😀

  8. Damn Kraig turned ur back on Canon huh. anyway I'm afraid to shoot on such a big card because if that card dies then u lose ur entire footage. 16 sets ftw.

  9. I did 7 weddings during my first videography season last year. 99.9% was done with a GH4, 12-35mm, 25mm, Benro monopod, and Zoom H1.

  10. A drone and a Mac book pro for a starter pack really!!!!! this "starter pack" isn't  for starters! and your misled about the camera!

  11. So a mac for a small budget? I kind of get it if you are a pro and dont mind overpaying for the os, but if you are starting out you are going to want to invest in a much better and cheaper windows pc imo, especially if you want to edit 4k. My experience editing 4k on an i7/8gb ram 15inch macbook pro has been extremely frustrating tbh and I dont want to imagine on that 13inch.

  12. wow Im shocked that your recommending this camera for live event coverage …..THE OVER HEATING ISSUE IS SO BAD THIS CAMERA WOULDNT LAST A WHOLE DAY OF SHOOTING….Especially during the summer when Weddings are most common!!! AND FORGET ABOUT THE EXTREME JELLO EFFECT………

  13. nice guide but,,… the macbook pro is awful, the os is nice ( but i dont like it) ,..but the hardware is so bad for videoediting, the GPU is an intel integrate gpu… and the cpu is a dual core. And for video editing/rendering u need 4cores or more. i think that for 1300$ is not worth to buy a mac book pro (basic) that has 128gb of ssd(pci-e) and a dual core processor and without a dedicated graphics card. the inly reason to buy one is for the os,.. but u can make an hackintosh and ur good. by good video

  14. The only reason why I didn't preorder a 6300 was because reviews were showing any kind of fast movement there's a lot of jello due to rolling shutter, you can see it if your not particularly steady with hand held shots, but then again I don't do a lot of weddings, and wedding don't have any fast movement other than dances.

  15. Quick question, why can't you just use the Zoom H1's line in recording instead of the Roland? Is there a reason the Roland should be used for line in recording in stead of the Zoom H1?

  16. Heads up, the link for the portable hard drive takes you to a 6TB desktop hard drive. You make good stuff man. I'm shooting my first wedding in a few months and I wouldn't be nearly as confident without your work here

  17. Holy hell I mis-speak so much. I'll high five anyone who points out every single one. Here's the first "75 MEHGA BIGHTS" at 1:37. GEEZZUSSS

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