The FASTEST way to make money in Red Dead Online | $280 in 1 hour

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With this money making guide for Red Dead Online you’ll learn how to make 70 / 80 dollars for every 15 minutes. With this hunting trick, you’ll be rich in the matter of a few hours of playing. Head down to Saint-Denis, ride north to the open plains where you’ll find loads of birds which are worth a lot of money!

How to make money fast and easy in Red Dead Online? $45 in 15 minutes in RDR2

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The FASTEST way to make money in Red Dead Online | $280 in 1 hour
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28 thoughts on “The FASTEST way to make money in Red Dead Online | $280 in 1 hour

  1. If you having a bolt action rifle I'd hunt some alligators nearby with a perfect star rating. It's a little extra money and at least $4 with some good cents added in along with the extra meat and alligator tooth you sell.

  2. Why dont ya'll learn how to make $280 an hour in real life instead of this shit. Not hating though this was a useful tip lol

  3. Not buying this game not being sucked into 50 hours for little money!!! I had a modded account on gta witch kept me playing other wise would stopped playing that when bennys arrived lol

  4. An informational video, under 10 minutes, a WORKING method, bruh you're like mrbossftw without the BS this hunting strat got me hella money nd im actually enjoying online.

  5. Wtf? I was thinking about getting this game, but if the online part is just gonna be another grind/shark card fest, then fuck that. I still have a friend that continues to grind gta o money, and I’m starting to realize how fucking pointless the whole process is. You spend all that time and for what? A flying car that’ll get you about an hour of fun before you get bored with it? Or whatever the RDR Online version of that would be?

  6. There was a line of people turning in there kills when I played lol.. I blame Rockstar for this BS.. There is no place to make money in this dumb game.. And you even have to pay to set up a camp. WTH. And horse care prices went up.. Next Rockstar will have flying horses with rockets that will kill you like they have cars flying in GTA 5 blowing the crap out of you. I gave up on that game. A bunch of thugs are playing that game now. EA is not even as bad as Rockstar. I got BF5 and enjoy that more then RED DEAD 2 or GTA 5. And you will find that your out gunned all of the time in RD 2. You can put 6 rounds into somebody and they will kill you in 2 shots. And they also kill you for no reason.. No thanks to this game I wish I could get my money back.

  7. Price nerfs are NOT what needs to happen with butcher.

    I’d say it’s a fair grind in that area in regards to time to payoff.

    Buff what is earned in missions and add bounties and radiants like in story mode.

    Low honor players can maybe get bank robbery/stagecoach missions…

    High honor gets escorts or extra wanted bounties.

  8. Your a bit slow to this or you might need to quit ur bullshitery and give credit where it’s do. I think u are probably the last to post this

  9. Yooo plz don’t reset our accounts bc i have got so many good stuff and it made not sound like a lot but i have like 1000 worth of things

  10. Also you can put two small animals in the side of the horse and a bug in the back. Frogs and chipmunks go into the sachel.

  11. It’s all just click bait be realistic instead of pulling numbers out your ass, 100 maybe a little more is more like it

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