The FIRST Minecraft 1.14 Snapshot of 2019!

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Minecraft 1.14 enters 2019! And with it comes campfires & more!
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21 thoughts on “The FIRST Minecraft 1.14 Snapshot of 2019!

  1. I think that it should use the water in the bucket, if not two or three, because if you’ve been camping or even lit a campfire you will know that, sure a bucket of water will put the fire out the water evaporates almost instantly, and even after the fire is out it is still HOT, so maybe it stays hot for a while and you can cool it down faster via the same process.
    I dunno it’s just my idea.

  2. How about for the campfire, you can choose how bright to make it! The original light might be inconvenient for survival, but good for a scary video. Depends on your circumstance 😀

  3. Man, I don't play Minecraft anymore, sorry i grew up but i love to see in the background of things how mojang has improved the game so much!

  4. Only missing foxes and maybe some unannounced features. Overall, the performance and quality needs some SERIOUS work.

  5. Is there a nether farlands, skyfarlands, voidfarlnads, cornerfarlands, and again with the fartherlands and how about the stripelands in PE

  6. Campfires shouldn't require coal to craft, since it's like a low level furnace. Basically, to get the coal you either: A) Mine the coal, in which case you will already have stone, so a campfire won't be needed as much; or B) Make charcoal, in which case you also need to build a furnace

  7. can do like a museum with historical maps of your little world/towns evolution. you can also prevent other players from duplicating your map artwork. locking is great

  8. So… today I learned the highest number of revisions a snapshot has had in one week: 5…

    Of course, this corresponds to the 5th letter in the alphabet…


  9. Oh my god. All those maps on 2b2t will live on forever now. It's a shame we didn't have that feature sooner. So many works of art have been lost, but better late than never.

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