Tips For Getting Your Channel Started (ft. Yoga with Adriene)

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Find out how the Yoga with Adriene channel blossomed from its early days into a successful, mindful channel.

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22 thoughts on “Tips For Getting Your Channel Started (ft. Yoga with Adriene)

  1. I love Adrienne! I feel like that who you see on camera as she is conducting her yoga practice is who she really is! I like that she twists her words sometimes and blows it off and just keeps going. h I have watched other yoga channels and had to stop in the middle of those quickly because they had this whole fake soothing tone vibe. But Adrienne is not like that! I'm totally hooked!

  2. any advice on how to film the audio as im just starting out with yoga videos? is that a wireless microphone you are using?x

  3. I agree it is hard to be 100% authentic when the camera is rolling but a lot of practice definitely helps. I was so excited to see you on this you tube creators studio thread! I have been following your videos for quite some time now and love them.

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  5. I love her! Finished 30 days of Yoga. <3 Thanks for including her in the Creator Academy, such an inspiration 🙂

  6. Getting in front of the camera and just having a go has been a great way for me to develop. I've only done a dozen or so vlogs but I can see the improvement already. And it's fun!

  7. I really like the point she made about getting comfortable and that some of the first videos may not be what you want. Just like everything else with time any craft will become more familiar and in this video it shows that home girl really communicated like a pro! Clear and fun with a light showcase of herself. Great work!

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