Slickdeals Forums Hot Deals BlueTV (aka TVPad) Watch Taiwan/Hong. and programs to choose from, tvpad-server-down apk for android list. but the apps for.

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The new forum is also down cause of the lawsuit. Their server seems to be up 95%+ of the time, I have a TVPad2 and i thought my box finally died,

TVpad Limited Access Error. This might be because the MAC address is not matching to any in the TVpad servers. Damn!! TVPAD IS DOWN!

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Apr 20, 2012  · If one goes down u can watch from another app. Plus. Media Servers & Content Streaming. Media Servers & Content.

Jan 01, 2016  · The TVPad Knowledge Center. enables the green man on TVPad1 even when the TVPad authentication servers are down. firmware with this update for the tvpad 2.

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Nov 01, 2015  · "Time to say goodbye" to TVPad2. I wonder whether the closing down TVPad servers they have affected the sales of.

Download Remote (+ Stream) For TVPad 17.0.2 for Android. – Top "2nd STRM" to shut down the 2nd stream on your TVPad. TVPad2 and TVPad3

Right now TVpad is apparently trying to come back from the dead by setting up new DNS servers, The new forum is also down cause. I have a TVPad2 and i.

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As far as we have checked about the availability of the site , If the website is down or offline,

Oct 13, 2014  · Any one use tvpad? Discussion in ‘Off. I have the TVPad2 for a year now and it is on almost daily for at least 6.

Oct 29, 2015  · TVPad– Watch Hong Kong/Taiwan/Mainland Channels LIVE with NO. green man still shows up for my tvpad2 3. Not able to connect to their server.

Problem with TVPad? Use this workaround to get TVPad. a DNS server that will work for your TVPad. had TVPad shut that DNS down in order to pull.

Discussion about TVPad, HTV, BlueTV, UnblockTech UBox, FunTV, Moonbox, and all other IPTV servicing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese

Feb 1, 2017. Server DNS has changed for both EU and NA and the location seems to be even moved for EU server. New EU DNS: – Site Is Temporary Down or the Domain is Permanently Deleted by the Owner ! Last known website IP Address is on 30 November 2017 World Popular Site Rating was #5,338,532

May 14, 2015  · Optus and TVPad – Connectivity. it showed the first few seconds and then the wifi connection went down, i.e. no more wifi, Server management Companies

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TVpad2 M233 Update Instructions (From v3.70 to v3.80) What’s New in V3.80. Fixed in V3.80: 1. Fixed full-screen play failure and black left/right boarder issue. 2.

Tvpad2 Server Abnormal June 13, 2018 Best Seo. Nov 19, 2015. With TVPad being court-ordered to shut down, thousands of their users.

How do I fix my TVPAD3 ” Abonormal(Error code:. I have the same problem with my TVPad2 since. Maybe the TVpad server is physically down at this time so no one.

. it shows a count down from 8 seconds, then give it another 1-2 seconds. from a server on my network to the TVpad?. the TVpad 2 but if the.

Jan 6, 2015. directly from the PPTV server and pop you the “Cannot Stream TV program message”. how can I download these app on TVPAD 2 box? Reply. Time seems to slow down, every second counts, and you'll end up either.

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