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VIDEO EDITING TUTORIAL – First episode showing my tips and tricks on how to edit video!

Comment any other topics you want to see me cover in the next episode!

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37 thoughts on “VIDEO EDITING TUTORIAL (Taylor Cut Secrets)

  1. It's people like you… Thank you. I just subscribed because I have found a teacher who shoots the kind of videos I intend to make.

  2. Men, I've been watching dozen of editing of tutorials because #rookie and yours is just great! Great detailed tips, your vibe and humor makes it awesome as well. Not regularly comment on videos but for this one I had to. THANK YOU.

  3. what could be done when shooting 120, 60, and 24 fps with double shutter speed but the light condition changes? when light are too harsh or too less shutter has to change.

  4. wow dude this was so good!! thank you

    Here's my notes for anyone interested

    24fps 1920 x 1080 (sequence)
    60 fps

    Sift through all the footag & SORT/GROUP



    Right click footage shot in higher frame rate then 24
    Modify –> IntepretFootage –> Assume this frame rate 23.98
    Duplicate the sequnce w/all the footage & pull it from the top

    Continious motion
    Ex. I'm walking forward, a women walking forward, sam doing a front flip, poping up, poping up etc

    3-5 frames before the end fo the clip
    Scale 105
    Position 540 –> 518 downward
    Warp Stabilizer (makes shakey footage goochi)

    Low pass filter (when you want other sound effects on it, kinda fucks it up so you can hear it)

  5. Awesome tutorial! I have a question. So you interpret all your footage in 24fps, then you drop it into your sequence right? But when you want a clip to play in real time, what would you do? If you just increase the speed to say 200%, won't it be choppy since you are trying to make a 24fps clip a 60fps and then playing it back in 24fps? This frame rate stuff has always been confusing for me. If anyone can explain it to me, I would be gratefull. Thx!

  6. hey could you help me with the little flicker effect at the drop 8:09 😀
    I love your videos that much but I cant solve how you did this little flicke 🙂
    a short answer does it too c:

  7. I keep coming back to this video and the more I get into film the more this makes sense!!! Awesome video really helpful as always thanks!

  8. Hey Taylor! You are such an inspiration!!
    Im trying to find the correct computer for editing. I had an old imac but im switching for something better. Do you recommend any macbook for editing? having a macbook makes life easier cause i can bring it everywhere but im not sure if it works for editing between premiere, after, and doing color.
    Thank you soy much for your help!

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