VideoPad Video Editor Tutorial | How to Remove Audio from Videos

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This video will show you how to remove audio from video clips with VideoPad Video Editing Software.
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On the Timeline right click on the audio you want to remove from your video. Select Unlink from video. Then click on the audio and press the delete key.

There are additional ways to unlink audio and video. Select the clip on the Timeline or in the Video bin, then, click the Unlink button in the bottom right of the Clip preview menu. Press delete on a selected audio clip to remove it from the timeline or the audio bin.
You can also right click on a video in the Video bin or on the timeline and select Unlink from Video.
If you use one of these methods to unlink the audio from the Video bin, the audio portion of the video will be added to the Audio bin with the same name as the video.
If you want to Relink the audio and video, simply select it on the timeline or in the bin and select Relink on the bottom right of the Clip Preview window.

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  1. why the audio is not visible in the audio track?I bought this softver and i have half bottoms greyed….upgraded…customer service doesn't bother to answer…..

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