What is the best video editing software for wedding videos? Premiere vs FCPX

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23 thoughts on “What is the best video editing software for wedding videos? Premiere vs FCPX

  1. SONY VEGAS, it's best to software for editing I ever use. We spend lot of time in our team with Premiere and after that Final Cut the best of all was Vegas ! 🙂

  2. I want to make a switch to FCPX, but after effects integration is too big a deal…which is sad…adobe feels like software kit from 2005

  3. Hi, when you say that you update you mac book pro every year, does that mean that you sell your old one and buy a new one, or do you upgrade the software somehow? Thanks!

  4. I like the simplicity of Premiere, it is just so simple and easy for ME to use. Also the fact that Final Cut X looks like IMovie makes me cringe

  5. Just preordered the a6300 as second cam. Can't wait now. I switched from PC with adobe premiere cc to a 27" iMac with final cut and never regret it. FCPX is much more efficient and simply to use. Just a comment from someone switching recently

  6. Quick question regarding transcoding to ProRes and saving drive space:
    I shoot on a GH4, GoPro, Canon type cameras, which all shoot h.264 (.mov and .mp4) files. When dumping all raw footage from these cameras to a massive hard drive (12 TB in your example setup) before entering the project stage in FCPX, does it make sense to use an app like Compressor to transcode everything right off the bat into Optimized ProRes 422 (since you'd be doing that later anyway) and then get rid of the original .mov and .mp4 files to save some space? Hope that question makes sense.


  7. Yea, it would be great to see a video about editing more quickly and efficiently, for example for when doing the same day edits, but in general too, time saving tips are always useful.
    And also would be nice to see some new Sony videos 🙂

  8. My daily use is Premiere Pro CC, but I'm trying FCPX in my editing class. I also preach HitFilm for anybody that's looking for a free editor.

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