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Hello. I'm korean. Now, many people is wating windslayer private server on korea community site. Can you tell me about windslayer private server progress?

Windslayer: Remastered. 89 likes. Thunderslayer, DragonFireRogue, Tiger, WarnhemRoss, HolyHealer

Hello there, I am a former player in the small, but dedicated community for the long dead MMO game Wind Slayer.I have been looking to play the game for 7 years, and just assumed that someone else would come along and create a private server.

For those familiar with the Windslayer series you should know what to expect jumping into the sequel. For those not in the know, Windslayer does two

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Game Description and Comments Windslayer is a free 2D side-scrolling. mode that allows private servers and. officials are elected on each server.

Best Answer: Unfortunately, no. I've been looking myself, but Windslayer is just too new to have any private severs. But I bet if you keep looking, one will show up.

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