YouTube Is Shutting Down Their Video Editor, Here’s Why.

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YouTube is shutting down their video editor and it will be going away on September 20 2017. Here’s why….. We’re missing out on lots of features from the closing.
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35 thoughts on “YouTube Is Shutting Down Their Video Editor, Here’s Why.

  1. I messed up on one little thing on a video on Movie Maker and I'm like oh this will that like 15 minutes to go back cut and render in movie maker. Let me just make a quick cut on the youtu…….wait where the fuck is it???

  2. Their excuse for setting it down was f**** ridiculous just a bunch of assholes is what they are and I hope they read this s*** because whoever decided that is a prick

  3. And their creator Studio is a worthless freaking thing ever that you can't do nothing with it it's just a waste of time

  4. That's cuz they don't want anybody to have any control they want all the f**** control we need to create another platform that can replace YouTube all together and Google and Facebook because those three are assholes

  5. Here we are a year later, we have no new free video editing tool, even enhancement tools are now gone. What the hell is that youtube doing?

  6. So, there is no reason for the losing of these except to get us to use third-party apps? Do's YOUTUBE get more money for this? And what is now there is "blurring" faces and "trim"? The two things we definitely can get anywhere else. Lame.

  7. i am gonna hack youtube and ad back the video editor becose video editor was easy want intro drag into vid save and here good vid now people have very bad videos of this while its removed

  8. I've used the old editor very often to combine single videos together to one longer video that was one of the most useful features on YouTube ever on my opinion, I just hope they will bring it back in the new Editor of YouTube Studio sometime.

  9. Then how do I upload a longer music to my youtube video now? Youtube only has shorter music which cba be uploaded in there.

  10. I sacrficied so much time and put aside thousands of V!dz just so I could use Youtube's TOP feature; but hey hey, it is gone !! It's alright, I can download a professional Mac aPP and do all my theatre work with that. Ah fuck it; there's no replacement, who am I kiding, I'd do anything for the editor to comeback for my wishes. Hardly, had I known it was a Phenomenon I could have even considered taking for granted; the blasted Video Editor I am talking about, I miss it now!

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