YouTube Monetization Deadline Day Is Here: What Happens Next?

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Following changes to the YouTube Partner Program, from today (February 20 2018) your channel may no longer be eligible for monetization. What does this mean, what are your options and how can vidIQ help?

Adsense Payment Thresholds:

Cancelling your adsense account:

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23 thoughts on “YouTube Monetization Deadline Day Is Here: What Happens Next?

  1. At the time of notice I was at 162 subscribers, and 500 hours after 7 years on YouTube. I am a niche classic gaming high score channel. Then it happened, the classic gaming world had two huge scandals happen in that time period that made huge headlines in the gaming community overall. Since I had decent knowledge of the whole thing I decided to make some videos giving my knowledge of both situations. One video is now five times bigger than any other video I have. The other videos are ranked 3rd, 5th, 8th, and 15th all time for myself, which is a lot considering I have 392 videos. To make a long story short, I am now at 1237 subscribers, and 15 thousand hours watch time for the year. I realize though that I just was at the right place at the right time, and am extremely fortunate to have made their partnership rules. Given where I was I really thought this would be impossible in such a short period of time. Somehow I proved myself wrong though.

  2. Listen i have the worse problem out here.I have got 2 million views on my video and way over 4000 watch time and 13k subscribers and youtube has been ignoring me ever since i haven got paid not even a penny.And i think thats a real shame for youtube.I have been trying my best to contact youtube but i havent got no answer.And its so so sad because i have been working so so hard for my videos but havent got no money out of it.However i really need this money for my life but youtube does not care.

  3. Do AdSense work when you only have less sub and views?
    Are they safe if i only have less viewers ande subscribers?.

  4. i have finally been approved to monetize but how much money do i know i earned from my videos and how do i get onto adsense

  5. These new rules just increase the number of poor quality videos. Rather than pay by the number, they should pay for the quality.

  6. I hit 1000 subs and 4000 watch time 2 weeks ago… actually my channel is now at 2500 subs and 40 000 watch time… i had monetization before but they took it away with the new update… now it says under monetization that they will try to get through all applications by the end of April….. my question is what if they say no? Does anybody know? Do you lose the channel immediately or you get told what to fix and time to fix it?

  7. If you are a content creator there are some apps that you might want to check :

    *Challenge Hero* is quite new and dedicated to LIVE events but looks like people actually make money from just going LIVE for people interested watching, every event is being funded by fans using the app.
    I watched a girl last week ordering a pizza and opening the door to the delivery guy while she was almost naked and it was quite funny.
    Also watched today someone doing WAX on all his body LOL
    Currently available only in IOS

    *Patreon* works with a subscription to creators, you can subscribe to the people you like and pay them on a monthly basis. Mostly artists, girls wearing cosplay but the issue is that you don't really know what he will create.

    Enjoy 🙂

  8. When the change happened I was at around $70, I just got paid by google yesterday, finally hit my $100, but what happens now, my videos are no longer monetized right? I don’t understand how I met the threshold after the change had already occurred.

  9. Why is it taking so damn long for them to review my channel?? I have been had 11,331 hours of watched and 1,788 subs. Its taking so long. Willthey back date it from the date I applied? This totally is unfair because its been since 3/14/18.

  10. Channel under review
    You've reached 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1,000 subscribers – nice job! Your channel is now being reviewed to make sure it complies with the YouTube Partner Program terms and our Community guidelines. We'll email you a decision, usually within a week.

    Applications for the YouTube Partner Program are still in a backlog. We hope to be able to review all open applications by the end of April. Thank you for your patience in the meantime.its under review since 29 of January is there anything i can do ???

  11. Why not just use steemit and D-tube ? Decentralized, payments from 1 like without advertisement, etc… Centralized youtube is the past, blockchained decentralised Platforms Paying content creators and voting viewers with no adds is the present

  12. sir i am a bangladeshi…i have completed 4000 hr watch tie and 1000 subscriber before 20 days ago…my channel is under review but my monetasatuin is not enable… please help me sir…what can i do now??

  13. Hi rob if im not able to meet the requirements after feb 12? Does this mean im not eligible for monetization forever?

  14. I have the watch time, but not the 1K minimum. That will come with time though. It's not like I was making much anyway. I just enjoy connecting with people, supporting other channels, and making videos that I hope can help people. Thanks for the clear video – I like your attitude about this. I hope small channels see this as a challenge and a reason to work hard to improve their channels and content – that's how I'm viewing it. To all the small channels out there – we can do this!

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